Sunday, November 23, 2008

Things to remember....things I will miss.

Playing "spot the Coen" with Fintan when I carry him down the stairs in the morning or after naptime.

Holding Coen's warm, squishy body close and breathing him in (after which he might lean over and begin sucking noisily on my cheek).

Bossy Coen. Not sad Coen, I hate it when he's really sad, but bossy Coen cracks me up. I love when he fake coughs to get his point across and when he bellows. Oh! I could bottle his bellows.

Two little fuzzy, round boy heads side by side, snuggled close when Fintan loves on his brother. Neither of my boys have a full head of hair yet and it just makes me choke up to think it won't always be so.

Coen's gummy smile. I miss Fintan's already.

Fintan singing. Any song. I wish he would do it for the camera. I will miss that little voice so much. I believe there will be pining in the future for just one song in his toddler voice.

Both boys' sturdy little bodies. Round and firm in Fintan's case, rolly and squishy in Coen's, but strong and proud in both.

How I will miss these teeny tiny men when they grow up.


Christine said...

Well hell, now I'm all teary eyed. Will they really be men? Aren't they always our babies?

Carrie said...

wow Alina --- I'm teary eyed too. It definitely makes me sad to think about my little man becoming a big man. Try hard to get those songs on video -- I got a few of Owen and he loves to watch himself sing and dance. Hopefully Fintan will too and then will give up more for the camera.

brooke said...

I love this post! Thank you for sharing all of your precious memories. I might have to borrow this post idea!

SaRaH said...

the mark of a gifted writer: you have me pining for your babies. I could just squish them up.