Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cheap date

Fintan gives me the same answer every time I ask him what he would like Santa Claus to bring him for Christmas this year:

A candy cane!

I think Santa can totally do that.


Dawn said...

Enjoy it!! You know that pretty soon their lists will be very long full of expensive items! :) Zayden just asks for batman....that was less than $10! Love it!! :P

Jacque said...

You should get him a gigantic candy cane! Bless his heart. Phoebe always says she wants a "skroller" (aka stroller for her baby dolls).

SaRaH said...

LOL! Nora doesn't know about the ability to request gifts yet... I wish I knew what she'd ask for!

Emily said...

Aww! A candy cane! How cute. Gabby told me that Santa was going to bring her a watch - a BLUE watch. I didn't understand this at first, but then remembered how over a month ago, I was changing her diaper and she noticed my watch. She wanted to hold it and I told her no. I said, "Maybe you should ask Santa for a watch for Christmas and then you can have your own watch." The kid has a mind of steel.