Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My two at the zoo

The boys and I went to the zoo this afternoon. This gorgeous weather has been such a gift! That gift and Coen's recent pacifier acceptance are what made this post possible. :)

First we stopped to pet the sharks, but they weren't in the mood to be petted so we just made some ripples. (I can't believe Fintan can reach the water all by himself now!):

Then we saw a walrus do several tricks and get rewarded with fish. That was a highlight.

Later we saw a curly horned thingamabob up close for the first time:

And then we saw elephants. (Well, I saw elephants more than they did, because I had to turn them away from the elephants in order to take their picture).

Fintan was thrilled to be at the zoo and Coen was just a happy little guy the whole time. Not even a peep out of him, even though he was long overdue for a nap. Then, this happened:

And I had one of those feelings, like, "I can do this. I can be a mom of two!"

It was another perfect day from start to finish. And, I'm thrilled to add, not one single show was shown in our house today.

All that silver lining had me just waiting for the cloud to appear. (I know, I'm SUCH a pessimist) Well, appear it did on the way home. Fintan's antibiotic for his ear infection has...let's say...loosened things up in his nethers. And those things came out in the car on the way home. No diaper could contain them. His new carseat is soiled. His pants have seen much better days. But with all those yards of silver lining just waiting around that cloud was eclipsed before it ever appeared. THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!!


brooke said...

What a wonderful day (well, minus the poo...)! You definitely deserve the best. :) You are such a good mommy, Alina!

SaRaH said...

We have the same cool stroller! I love it. Way to go, mama! A little poop on the way home only confirms what a great day it really was.

Shannon said...

Glad to hear things are improving! Go YOU!!! Of course you can do this...and you do it really WELL!

Now I have a third baby in my care and I'm trying to figure out how to keep Zoey happy (and away from the babies since she loves to take things from them) without the TV. I like your fort idea but I think J would end up pulling it down (he is 11 months and walking) and it would become a big fight!!! Looking forward to more ideas (that don't involve the outdoors since it is snowing here now)!!!

Alina said...

Hi,Shannon! You would know better than most how much better things are around here. Not that I keep the sleep issues a secret or anything...

Wow that's crazy you're taking care of three now. I'll try to help you with ideas for fun activities! Please share any you come up with, too. :)

Layla and Delia said...

Of course you can be a mom of two - you are doing it!!! And doing it wonderfully, tough times and all. ((hugs))