Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He did it!

Today Fintan was eating lunch and Coen was on the floor in front of him doing tummy time. I was fixing my own lunch and Fintan said "I want Coen to do tummy time".

I said "he is doing tummy time, sweetie."

Fintan said, "I want Coen to do tummy time right now!"

I said "Did he roll over?"

And Fintan said "yes!"

So I came running over, and he HAD, so we had a celebration. He's now done it several times both ways! :)

I think his lucky socks made the difference:


Christine said...


Emily said...

Oh! That picture is just precious. Coen, congrats. You have many more milestones to go, but we moms have to take them all one at a time. Someday when you're a papa, you'll look back on this video and understand just how your mommy felt.

brooke said...

Way to go, big guy! Can Tommy borrow those socks so he can roll too? :)