Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Potato head

Fintan has a hand-me-down Mr. Potato Head that has been sitting in a closet awaiting a time when we needed a distraction. Today we definitely needed one. I dumped out all of the pieces and let him go to work on his own. Right away he gathered up all of the arms he could find and started sticking them in random holes. I had to fight the urge to show him how to do it "properly" and just let him do what he liked, after all it was "distraction time" not "learning time". But after he had the head studded with a variety of arms he held it up to show it to me and said: "It's the itsy bitsy spider potato head". Ha! I guess it WAS learning time. For Mommy anyway.

I just adore that boy.


Dawn said...

That's great!! He has an awesome imagination!! :)

Tara Louise said...

clever clever clever! I like that nephew of mine!