Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tintan like fish

This morning we went to an indoor playground near our house. Fintan made a new friend. As usual he wasn't interested in making friends with other toddlers, he usually likes to choose a big guy or barring that an older woman to befriend, and then he likes to show off for them.

Today it was a grandmother who had brought her two grandkids to play. Fintan was showing off like mad for her, not allowing her to pay attention to anyone but him. He ran across the room and came back with a ball and said "here's a purple ball" then he ran and picked up another one. "Here's a blue ball" he said. Then he pulled a piece of his playfood out of his pocket. "Here's a yellow french fry".

Then when she started oohing and ahhing over his abilities (she said her three year old grandson didn't know all of that) he started getting really into it. He ran to the light that cast a glow on the carpet and pointed to the shape it made and said "this is a diamond". Then he ran to the other one and said "this is a diamond, too!" Then he started doing crazy tricks and counting and singing songs and just laughing his head off. It was adorable.

When she asked him what his name was he said "Tintan Patrick". She called him Vincent the rest of the time but he didn't mind at all.

When we were driving home afterwards I asked "What is your name, sweetie?" Of course, he didn't answer me because he's suspicious of direct questions, even from mommy, and only likes to talk on his own terms, no coercion allowed. But I continued, "Can you say Fintan like "fish", sweetie? With an "f" sound?

And for once Fintan decided to humor me. "Tintan like fish", he said.


SaRaH said...

I am so impressed with Tintan. Seriously. Nora does not answer what her name is much less give her FULL name. In fact, I'm quite certain she does not know her full name. Which is now panicking me. I should go wake her up and make her learn it.

Doesn't love a wall said...

That is HI larious!!!! Tintan like fish!!! I love it....

Dawn said...

That is really really funny!!! That is so cool that Fintan shows off and talks to others like that. When Zayden is around other people he becomes a mute most of the time. He is getting so shy. At the doctor's this week he wouldn't say a word if the nurse or doctor were in the room. At one point the doc walked out, and Zayden started to tell me something, and the doctor walked back in and Z literally stopped mid-sentence and looked away. ;) It's as if he is afraid to have anyone else hear him. :)

Christine said...

Tintan rocks.