Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pics from the weekend

We had a busy weekend. Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch:

Where Fintan milked a cow:

And rode a pony:

And drove the cool cars with Zayden:

Sunday we had fun at the park:

And bought a very used truck to replace the Land Rover we sold last week:

This is what it says on the side:

Pat says we should remove the "an" to better illustrate the quality of our work. Wanna hire us?


Dawn said...

dung construction!! :) love it!! also love the pic of coens huge smile!!

Emily said...

Hey, if you can construct anything with poop, I'll hire you.

Christine said...

If I was you, I would constantly be torn by who to look at - C or F - because their smiles are just heartmelting!!!!