Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Pat made a joke recently (this morning? Yesterday? Five days ago? It's all such a blur) about Fintan and his sleep schedule. He said that maybe Fintan's going to make a really good doctor someday because he can get by on so little sleep. Or that maybe he'll start sleeping a lot when he's a teenager. Can you imagine? He asked, saying: "Fintan get out of bed you lazy sacka...don't you know what time it is?! GET UP!" He had me laughing pretty hard. And now Coen's a boy after his brother's heart. He sleeps longer when he does sleep but the process of getting him to sleep is going to be the death of his parents. Pat says we're going to take our feet, back and knee transplant costs out of his college fund. Sounds fair, no?


starfitch said...

If there was one thing I wished for you it would be sleeping kids. I'm sure Pat is right and you'll be dragging them out of bed for school every morning.

Emily said...

Sounds totally fair to me!!! Pat's a funny guy.

SaRaH said...

that is a solid financial plan. we need to switch to that from taking our bar tab out of her fund... :P