Sunday, October 12, 2008

Baking in the bathtub

Tonight in the bath:

Fintan: "I need three cups of water (pours it from his inverted drum into his hair-rinsing scoop) one, two, three, four! That's just enough. Now I'll stir it all up. I'm stirring it all up, Mommy!"

Me: "Good job! You're doing a great job stirring, sweetie."

Fintan: "Just a little more water. There now it's full, Mommy. Now I stir it all up. Stir it all up."

Me: "Oh, that looks really good, Fintan! What are you making?"

Fintan: "Toast."


SaRaH said...

Gosh your toast takes a lot of work over there! Fintan is talking SO much -- I'm impressed!

Emily said...

He really IS talking a lot, Alina! I can't believe the funny things he says. He is just so darn cute. Remind me never to have him cook for me, though.