Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend cowboys

Coen has been just a crack-up lately. I took a gazillion pictures this weekend and he's grinning in all but a handful of them. He's been galloping through the milestones, too.

Ever time I go up to get him out of his bed he is sitting up waiting for me. He grabs my fingers and stands right up. I love that when I lay him down for a nap or at night, as soon as I get down the stairs and look at him he is already doing this:

It makes me laugh out loud every time I see it.

Then a few minutes later I look at him and he's doing this:

Who knew babies like this even existed?!

He's also crawling now! Honest to goodness crawling. Very slow, but with increasing coordination. I'll try to get a good video to post. I'm thrilled. Fintan skipped that mode of transport almost entirely.

Fintan was sick this weekend. Poor little guy. So he wasn't as happy as his baby brother. He wanted to participate mostly behind the scenes. So he took this picture of his brother for us.

He also took this picture, expertly blocking out undesirable elements.

I've come to the conclusion the boy is GIFTED.

He did come out from behind the camera at one point to be a cowboy with Coen.

And then have double the cowboy fun.

He also came out to snuggle his baby brother and tell him "I wuv you Coen. I really really wuv you."

And Coen was happy.

(Notice the pacifiers stuck securly to his thumbs in this picture. He always finishes up a nap that way and they come off with an audible "pop"!)

Our boys. Could we ask for anything better?


Christine said...

So incredibly cute and sweet! And *where* did you get Coen's sweater? I love it!

Jacque said...

ADORABLE!! Love his outfit too.

Shannon said...

Awwww...soooo cute!!!!

I love the photos of your video monitor! I love to look at both my girls in their beds at night on the monitor, sleeping and awake. Plus, Lily will often spend at least an hour in her bed when she wakes in the morning and after naps and just roll around and stand up and sit and roll some more before I hear a peep from her. She sleeps with 5 or 6 pacifiers and a sock doll and she is just happy for some solitude in her crib. I love to watch her.

SaRaH said...

oh my goodness, what beautiful boys you have. Sitting and standing and cowboying and wuvving. Ahhhh. That's the life.

Dawn said...

They are sooo sweet!! I hope we see you soon! I am SOO jealous of Coen sitting up and then lying back down on his own to go to sleep! Ivy sits up and now stands up, and then screams. I am still running in and out of her room a lot to lay her back down.....ugh!

Alina said...

Chris. Coen's sweater is a hand-me-down from a fashionable cousin. :)

Thanks for the nice words ladies. :)

And Dawn, standing is a whole different story. He only gets back down by crashing and screaming so far. :( I'm with you there!