Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Duck and a Madman

We haven't had two healthy days to rub together at our house for a long time. Every time someone gets well, someone else goes down. When I complained to Pat that it had been a month of constant battles with illness he corrected me that it had been more than a month. He's the optimist of the family so I know he's just being honest. I'm dragging myself back to health at the moment and I'm going to do my darnedest to keep us all there for a while. Anyway, about the boys: Here's a little Fintan funny that Pat and I keep cracking up over:

For months now whenever I call Fintan a "silly goose" he says, "I'm not a goose I'm a duck!" It's a standing joke at our house.

A few days ago Fintan was being naughty. I pulled him onto my lap and said "You are such a weasel!" He immediately responded"I am such a duck!"

Coen is a little crazy man. The kid cannot be stopped. He's already climbing OVER things and UP things and THROUGH things. If you ask him to please be careful when he's standing somewhere that looks a bit tenuous he'll just let go with one hand and start bouncing up and down. He's a madman. The two easiest ways to tick him off are 1. Remove your fingers from his teeny-tiny fists so that he can no longer stride purposefully around the room (up the rollercoaster, over the trampoline, through the gate, down the long dark hallway to touch the door at the end, back to the kitchen....and on and on and on) and 2. Put his food BACK in the microwave after he's watched you to remove it to stir it. His wrath is something worth seeing.


Dawn said...

Hope you guys are all have a very healthy spring and summer! You are in trouble with Duck's brother. He is definitely going to keep you hopping!! ;)

Doesn't love a wall said...

I wish you nothing but GOOD HEALTH!!!! COME ON SPRING!

Leah said...

Aw, the little monsters.

Excuse me, the little DUCK-monsters. So cute. I think Coen might secretly be my cat, since the worst thing to do to Cedric is to get out of bed and then visit the bathroom before feeding him. Oh, the temper-tantrums, the misery, the woeful-wailing! It really is something.

Jen said...

You have to get video posted of Coen's tantrums. Fiona, too, is crawling and moving everywhere! I feel your pain! Hope you guys stay healthy for the entire summer!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well this solves the mystery. You guys didn't just get any old virus. With a "duck" in the house it must have been avian flu. Whatever it was, I hope you have seen the last of it. Dad

Christine said...

Where are you Alina? Everything okay?