Monday, March 2, 2009

The bad with the good.

So. My earlier post was interrupted. I was going to add one more shot--of the pearly new mommy-chompers--but then Fintan woke up and he was TICKED. An hour later we headed out to see the doctor.

Coen had little dry skin circles on his arms that I wanted to make sure weren't ring worm. He also has a fairly large bump on one of the joints of his fingers that I wanted the doctor to check out. I had an appointment for Fintan, too, but I thought for sure she'd just say that he has a virus that will run its course.

Well the news was worse than expected all around. Coen has excema. I know that's not that bad but when you live life in fear of food allergies it IS. If you have excema you're much more likely to develop food allergies. Doggone it. The doc didn't know what the bump was on his finger and said to just keep an eye on it since it doesn't bother him.

Now, I should mention that Fintan SCA-REEEAMED during the entire visit. I snuggled, cajoled, demanded and begged him to stop but he wouldn't. Eventually the receptionist came in and took Coen so I could focus entirely on Fintan. The doc could tell he was in distress breathing-wise. I finally got him to stop wailing for a moment or two and she listened to his lungs (heavy wheezing) and looked into his ears (infection).

She said that from what she heard she's thinking it's quite possibly pneumonia but it could have just sounded worse because of all of the howling. So he's on antibiotics for the ear infection, and breathing treatments for his poor little lungs. If he's not seeming a lot better tomorrow I have to take him back in for round 2. PLEASE let him feel better in the morning!

Now for the good news. When we got home and I got Coen to bed, and while I was giving Fintan a breathing treatment. Pat brought over the monitor for me to look at. And here's what I saw:

Coen stood up by himself for the first time ever! Hooray!

Oh, and I also forgot to mention that Coen is now alternately saying "da da da" all day long and clicking his tongue. He'll say "Da da, click click, da da da, click, da da da da da". He sounds like a pint sized aborigine.

And here are the teeny tiny toothies. Better pic to come.


Stephanie said...

Oh Alina! You guys have had a rough time, I am so sorry Fintan is so sick and Coen has excema! UGH. Hang in there and get Fintan some fun movies from the library for those breathing treatments!

Madeline Grace Fulton said...

Don't you just LOVE having that monitor? I don't know how we lived without it. (I know know I would never have made it as a pioneer)

Poor poor Fintan..... he must be miserable. Keep us updated!

SaRaH said...

Poor babies! Spring is coming (or so I've heard), hopefully everyone will be well soon.

The Fraziers said...

Oh Alina, I'm so sorry Fintan is so sick! I hope he feels better soon!

Your boys are just so gorgeous. LOVE the picture of Coen's toofers...too stinkin' cute!

Dawn said...

Poor Fintan! I hope he feels much much better!!!
Sorry about the eczema, but I bet he's okay with the allergies. I think Ivy has eczema too, and I am in denail about it. :(
Awesome about Coen standing up!! Very very cute!

brooke said...

Well, let me begin with the positive--hooray for the standing and the little pearlies! :) He is such a cutie.

I am SO sorry they are sick! Right there with you with the ear infections and breathing treatments...super sucky!! :(

Please feel better soon sweet babies!

Christine said...

Jeez. . . ok, I think you've had enough sick, and now it's just all going to be health!

Leah said...

Hello miss Alina. I did a quick search on diets and exzema, and discovered a few interesting things. Here goes:

1. You should cut down Coen's alcohol intake.

2. Same thing with coffee. No more than one cup per day.

3. Eliminate his use of cigarettes.

4. Increase his level of exercise.

5. Avoid foods with MSG.

6. Make sure he is breathing, and preferably breathing fresh air.

7. He should be eating green foods. I swear--not just green leafy vegetables, but anything green, apparently: crayons, glue sticks, grass, and green jello should do the trick.

And voila! Healthy baby with no itching.

(Oh, and similar tricks should also help Fintan's lung condition. Good luck).

Alina said...

Thanks, ladies!

And, um..."thanks", Leah. ;)

SaRaH said...

And here I've been wasting my time and money at the doctor's office. I didn't know you had a doctor in the family! Can we start and "Ask Dr. Leah" column?

Alina said...

Sarah, Leah's rates are exorbitant. She charges an arm and a leg AND a kneecap.

Emily said...

My oh my. I am behind. I am SO sorry you and your boys are so sick. I hope Fintan is doing better. Have you seen much improvement? Those breathing treatments helped Gabby, but they made her so energetic and have a lot of trouble sleeping. And Coen! Excema is awful, but I have a ton of friends whose kids have it and have no food allergies, so I'll keep my fingers crossed!