Monday, January 5, 2009

So much to blog about

Boy, it's a bad thing to fall this far behind on a blog. Especially with the action packed weeks we've been having lately. I have a million pictures and videos to share of Christmas, Coen's first meal, and our vacation to Florida (seagull chasing, anyone?) So, the next few posts will be flashbacks to 2008--how crazy is that?

2009. So futuristic sounding, isn't it? When I think back to my high school years and looking forward to the millennium it seems so. But think what images the year 2009 is going to evoke in the heads of our future grandchildren and great grandchildren. My wedding ring is an heirloom. Pat's great grandmother was wearing it on her tiny finger 100 years ago today. Maybe someday my great grandson's wife will be wearing it and imagining what her grandchildren will think of her having been alive in such "ancient times" as 2109. Time is a crazy thing, don't you think?


Doesn't love a wall said...

How neat about your ring I didn't know that! What a wonderful thing to have!! Glad you are home! now we must get together!!! I will e-mail some dates!

Christine said...

Glad you're "back" to blog - waiting to hear your stories!