Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For his parents

After losing a child it must be hard even to look your spouse in the eye, don't you think? And how tired must Dante's parents be? After a year driving hours back and forth to the hospital each week, or even each day, for blood, platelets, tests and treatments. After spending their holidays, and many weeks and months before that, in tiny box-shaped room on uncomfortable hospital pull-out beds to give your dying son and his older siblings the best Christmas you can manage under the circumstances? Then to have to make the drive home after Dante died with an empty car seat in the back seat? It's just too much to even imagine enduring.

His parents have handled themselves with more grace than I could muster with even a splinter in my foot. His dad posted a message today, about the last moments of his son's life that were inspiring as well as heartbreaking (if anyone would like the link to read it, please email me and I will be happy to share it).

Now the group we created to support Dante and his family are pooling our funds together one more time to try to give his parents time away, somewhere far away, to reconnect and rest. I'm not soliciting money, but I though that some of you who have been impacted by their story might like to contribute to the cause. If ever I dip one toe into their shoes in my imagination (where it is very hard for me to go) I know that this could be the single most important gift we ever give them.

If anyone would like to contribute, the Paypal address is "". Thank you.

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Emily said...

The whole story of Dante is really drawing me in. I keep thinking the same things about the empty carseat, cleaning up his toys left at the hospital after he passed, taking off his Thomas sheets. I know how hard it was when our dog died seeing his empty dog bed and misc. toys, I can't even imagine having it happen with your CHILD - the center of your universe, a human being. I will keep his family in my prayers and pray that they find healing in the lord.