Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Odds and ends and happy stuff

I love watching my toddler eat an apple
The randomly placed bites
make me smile

This is classic Coen with his tongue out. Does it get any cuter?

Fintan gazes lovingly at his baby brother
"Is your breftast good, Coen?"

Fintan took this photo himself (watch out, Lalove...)
As seen through the monitor: Coen fell asleep by himself!

Just for me. I love watching babies grab their little feet

Coen can now get on his hands and knees and rock. He may actually crawl (unlike his brother)! Also, you can hear Fintan say how happy and cute Coen is. I love it.
Coen can also sit, but he will only do it in front of this toy.
He'd rather be rolling or standing. He's practically a full grown boy now!


Dawn said...

Love all the pictures and videos!! Coen and Ivy seem much alike! Ivy also loves to sit at that toy!
As I was looking at these, Z asked "Who is that?" and I told him it was baby Coen and he then said, "Where's Fintan?"
I think he misses his buddy!

Stephanie said...

Those are some cute kids you have there---they look so much alike its crazy! I hope I get to see you all sometime in the near future!

Tara Louise said...

Whoa. Those boys are the same person. Except not. HOW did you make them look exactly alike?

Ohhhh, a tear wells in mine eye. I love those little nephews of mine!

...looks like they've got big noggins (true to the family tradition). Hope the hats fit!

Shannon said...

Love them!!

Zoey eats apples like that too. Too cute. I LOVE the photo you took of Ceon on the baby montitor! I love to look at Lily on my monitor, they looks so sweet and so cute. I even have a one set up on Zoey's room so I can occasionally look at her while she is sleeping! Nothing better.

And way to go on him going to sleep on his own!!!

lalove said...

Wow... I'd better watch out all right. That little boy of yours already knows the rule of thirds. And those randomly placed bites make me think that it isn't just a fluke.