Thursday, September 18, 2008

I should have a t-shirt made

I just had to share a moment with all of you. A slice of life from a mom of two.

Today the boys were especially cranky. I don't know if they're coming down with something or what, but they were both extremely needy and clingy and if one was crying the other seemed to be trying to outcry the first. Well, this afternoon I had Coen all swaddled up to try to get him to sleep and was walking around bouncing him and humming. Fintan was following me around whining and being as loud as possible and trying to hug my legs. Well, I don't have very many clothes that I fit into yet so I was wearing a pair of stretchy capri pants that are almost like a pair of sweats. So there I was bouncing Coen and trying to hum over Fintan's whining. Fintan starts ducking between my legs and hugging my thighs and slowly my pants are creeping further and further down. Coen is SO CLOSE to falling asleep and I know if I take a hand off of him to hike them up we will be back to square one. So I just hum louder and keep bouncing and swaying in the "baby sleep dance" while Fintan hangs onto my legs and my pants creep lower and lower. Soon they're below my hips...and then down to my knees...and then down to my ankles until I just step out of them, leaving Fintan stranded in a pile of pants, and carry a sleeping Coen over to lay him in his swing... in front of a picture window...facing the driveway.

It's a good thing I live in the boonies.

Pat said I should have a t-shirt made depicting the scene. I can totally picture it, too. :)


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