Saturday, September 20, 2008

The f*cking game

I was hosting a playdate the first time Fintan asked me if I wanted to play this game. "What?" I asked, shocked. I was going to have to have a talk with his daddy!

"The f*cking game mommy. Do you want to play the f*cking game?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, sweetie."

And he held a tiny little foam block out to me. "The f*cking game".

"OH! The FLICKING game!" The day before I had told him to stand on the other side of the room so I could flick that particular block to him. He threw it back to me and I flicked it again and we'd had a great time. So he'd remembered the fun game and named it all by himself. And of course, it sounds like the worst possible swear word...way to go, mommy.

Friends, choose your words veeeeery carefully around toddlers.

*If you listen carefully this letter actually does sound a bit more like an "i" than a "u", but there is definitely no "l"!

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Tara Louise said...

HA! haHAhahahah! haha. Phew. Kids. How do they do that? You don't teach em the swear words... but they'll figure out how to use them anyway.