Monday, July 27, 2009

Twerps and castrators

No, not Fintan. He's not a twerp. Well, he sometimes is a twerp, I suppose, but I've never called him one! "Twerp" is what he calls the waistband of his pants. I don't know where this word came from. When we play tickle games and he's "trying" to get away, he'll yell "catch me by my twerp!" as he runs by. The first few times I said, "huh?" Now I find myself thinking: "Where's my belt? My twerp's riding a little low."

Whenever we play "store" Fintan tells me to wait while he goes and gets his "castrator". It's a small device with a door that dings open when you press "cash" and it has lots of little numbers on it. It looks like a cash register but apparently it has a little calculator buried somewhere in its ancestory--soooo, it's a castrator!

Wanna play, guys?


Layla and Delia said...

Cute, Fintan!!
I'm actually working on my own very similar post, so I'll save it for there. But I can't wait to see what other made up words are out there. :)

Leah said...

I've been reading Freud all month, and I found myself nodding along--Fintan's logic is perfectly sound, and he is at the perfect stage for it.

Christine said...