Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wake up, coyotes, It's Christmas!

We have coyotes living in our chimney. Sleepy coyotes. Luckily we have just the toddler to wake them up:

And soothe the savage beasts with a song:

And warn them, musically, that they'd better shape up pronto. They'll be sharing the chimney with the Jolly Old Elf himself in a couple of weeks:

(Note how Fintan never forgot his audience---what coyote wouldn't want a bit of "grandma's steak"?)

So Fintan is ready for Santa. The coyotes are ready for Santa. All that's left is to send a message to the North Pole (and maybe copy an exterminator?) so that Santa is ready for THEM.


SaRaH said...

ohmygosh he's just too cute. Nora and I really enjoyed his show. I'm so impressed with all the songs he knows! Nora sings just parts of songs here and there. What a smarty!

Dawn said...

That is hilarious!! I wish I could get Zayden to sing for the camera! He sings all the time, and then soon as I pull out a camera he looks at me and shouts, "NO!!!"
He also love the "santa claus is coming to town" song! :) Fintan will have to teach him Sweet Caroline!

Madeline Grace Fulton said...

I am so glad that there is another child that will grow up having coyotes in their vocabulary!

LOVE sweet carolina - Fintan is a Fannilow! It makes me less guilty about Madda singing "Money Money Money" from ABBA

lalove said...

I love his little dance and hand motions. He really throws his entire self into the songs. Now I am picturing him singing your ear off on family car trips as we used to do... Just wait until he starts changing the lyrics to your favorites.