Monday, December 8, 2008

Feedin' Fintan funnies

Fintan has been a crack-up lately while eating.

The other day Pat was trying to encourage Fintan to eat the last of his soy corn-dog after Fintan told him he was "all done!" Pat asked "Wouldn't you like to dip it in ketchup and take another big bite?" And Fintan said, "not exactly".

This morning after Fintan told me he was "all done!" I looked at his tray and said "you should eat some of your grits. You haven't even touched them!" And Fintan said "yes I have," then stuck his finger in the bowl and held it up, "see?"

Then at lunchtime today he was eating his pasta and corn and he stopped and looked around for a moment and announced, "I need a bowl full of mush!" and I said "Oh you do, do you? And what about a quiet old lady whispering hush?" He nodded and gave me a toothy smile.


Jacque said...

So funny!!

Christine said...

I think he might be another like Jacque's Owen. . . he needs his own talk show. LOL!

Doesn't love a wall said...

Beyond adorable!

Emily said...

Those are too cute! He gets his sense of humor honestly from both parents!

SaRaH said...

Smart AND Funny? It's almost unfair that he's s cute as he is.