Friday, February 26, 2010

My hero

This evening a minivan got stuck in a snowdrift right at the end of our driveway.

I called Pat and he was still 30 minutes away. He lamented missing the opportunity to be a "hero".

When he got home he examined the depth of the drift and told me it was fairly likely someone else would get stuck in it so he still might get his chance. He said maybe he should go ahead and get his snowpants on to be ready when it happened. Or better still he could get them on and wait down there for a car to come by then jump out and wave his arms madly at the driver to warn them of the approaching drift. He'd wear a ski mask for warmth, a hockey mask for protection and wield an axe to use on stubborn ice just in case they dismissed his warning and got stuck anyway. The chainsaw in his the other hand would be for possible downed tree branches or whole trees (this cold makes trees brittle and we do have lots of trees down there) and the shovel waiting nearby would be to...well...clean up the mess.

Talk about good Samaritan, huh? His mama raised him right...

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